At Freak we hold classes in: Lyrical, Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre, Commercial, Hip Hop, Limbering, House, Drama, Singing, Tricks & Acrobatics, in all levels on either a one to one basis or group classes. Perhaps you have never taken a dance class but want to learn something new, maybe you’re a gifted and talented young person wishing to pursue a career in dance, or it may be that you haven’t danced for a long time and would like to get back into it. Whatever the reason, we welcome everyone to come and take part – we’re sure you’ll love it!

Our very own Aeron Lloyd-Booth hosts his own England dance teams who compete worldwide!

Street Dance

ADV Commercial

Hip Hop




Lyrical/ Contemporary



Vocal Classes

If you are thinking of starting singing lessons to become a professional or just as a hobby, whether you’re a total beginner or professional that wants to improve… Here at Freak Dance we work closely with you to improve you voice, working on your singing technique, this includes, breathing, tuning, range, tone, strength and much more. We also will work on your confidence and performance skills.


Musical Theatre

Vocal Technique


All our performing arts classes are taught by experienced teachers with an excellent track record within the arts.

We teach our students a range of vocal and dance techniques and they also get the chance to work on scenes that move into musical numbers, giving them the ability to pass from dialogue to song and dance seamlessly within the performance process, using all three techniques to enhance the story for the audience.

We also cater for TV & Film. Acting for camera is very different to acting on stage and here we look at the very honest and truthful style required for the screen. Students will get the chance to see how writing for TV and film works as well as try the roles of director, camera operator and other production roles. Students work from a mixture of real film & TV scripts along with creating material themselves.

Musical Theatre


Other Classes

Adult Fitness


Limbering & Stretch

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